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What is a Velux loft conversion?

The Velux conversion is the fastest and the most simple option. Your attic becomes a new viable space and includes direct access via the stairs. The roofline of your house remains unaltered. Because a Velux loft is the less complicated conversion to make, the build is non-intrusive in contrast with other types of lofts. This type of loft is perfect for an extra bedroom or for those who need an office space in their home.


Velux windows can be added around the room to flood the space with a natural light. The roof rafters will also be reinforced and extra layers of insulation will be added to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Do I need Planning Permission?


Most of the time, a Velux conversion does not need planning permission. It falls under the Certificate of Lawfulness which means you do not have to wait for any application to begin the work as long as you build within the council’s guidelines.

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