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Once all the permissions and paperwork are in place, a team leader will be assigned to your project.


The team leader will be there from the first day until the last and will provide a daily report with pictures of the progress of your new space.

This is to ensure every detail is meeting your expectations. The whole team will also make sure everything is tidy and safe.


We want to make your life as easy as possible. 

Image by Cristian Escobar


Once your loft conversion is completed, your team leader will work with you to write a snagging list.

Your team leader will go through the list to make sure everything is done perfectly before decorators are entering the scene.


Once everything is completed the scaffolding will be dismantled and you will be ready to enjoy your new space.


Tailoring a new space is really personal.

This is where our team of architects and structural engineers will work in concert with you to meet your concepts and ideas.


You can also count on our past experiences and inspirations to provide new possibilities. Our flexibility will match your happiness to make your house a home.


We want to harmonize aesthetic and ergonomic.


After an initial enquiry, we offer a free consultation. This is where we want to know your vision and expectations and it is a great opportunity for you to tell us your must-haves and have-nots. It is a quick way to gain a clearer picture of what our clients want in a loft and an opportunity for us to go through the basics.

The next 48 hours is when we will send you a free quotation. If you go ahead with us it will be our pleasure to guide you through each step.

Week 1

Scaffolding around the house, delivery of material, timbers and steels, building new level floor structure

Week 2

Building new dormer structure and internal walls

Week 3

Staircase installation, first fix electricity and plumbing

Week 4

Insulation of walls and floor, finishing the floor

Week 5

Plaster boarding and roofing

Week 6

Second fix electricity and plumbing, fitting windows and plastering

Week 7

Final touch, cleaning outside and inside

Week 8

Scaffold removal and decorations

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