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What is a L-Shaped Dormer loft conversion?

Adding an L-shaped dormer loft conversion is one of the best ways to increase the space and value of your property, whether you wish to extend the house for your growing family, have your office at home or gain extra money by transforming your new loft into a studio flat.

L-shaped loft conversions consist in building two rear dormers connected together. It creates a voluminous and comfortable space. With great design and layout arrangements the new loft can be flooded with light

Edwardian and Victorian houses can be suitable for that kind of conversion but not all of them. The size of home will determinate the size of the new loft.

Do I need Planning Permission?


This type of loft conversion often fall under permitted development and is not suitable for all UK house styles. It’s also possible to have a small terrace at the end of the L-Shape.

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