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Velux Windows in Twickenham | Why are Velux Windows So Good?

When you think of roof windows and skylights, only one brand springs to mind – Velux. Originating in Denmark, Velux is the name on everyone’s lips in the rooflight and roof window market, so much so that we offer a specialist installation service specifically for Velux windows. 

Ideal for a loft conversion for your Twickenham property, or a rear-facing housing extension, as written about in some of our other blog posts, we’re not afraid to wax lyrical about them. In this post, we would like to explain further why Velux is the number one choice for the homes we work on.

Variety of Options

Velux windows come in various forms of skylights, rooflights and roof windows to suit the customer’s needs. Whatever you require for your Twickenham property. Some of the types of windows we install for our clients in West London include:

If you call us on 07759 906265, we will gladly tell you more about these options and can use our years of experience to make recommendations for you, should you wish.

Skylights, Rooflights and Roof Windows That Let the Light In

Arguably what makes Velux windows so popular is their ability to allow natural light to flood into a room. This creates a brighter and more welcoming space for people to use and can be regulated effectively with the installation of blinds and shutters as and when you need them.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly 

Velux windows' highly UV-resistant glazed design works wonders for your carbon footprint and energy bills by effectively retaining heat within the building. Openable windows can be beneficial when it gets hot in the summer too, so you have to rely less on air conditioning.

Improved Roof Ventilation

Windows from Velux provide a quick and easy solution for your roof’s ventilation and improve the air quality at the top of your property. This can be especially beneficial in parts of your home with higher humidity levels, such as in a new kitchen or a converted bathroom.

Simple Installation

Of all the different forms of roof windows, Velux makes their windows easy to install with clear instructions that usually fit from internal recess. As specialist installers, Lumiere Lofts employees are very familiar with Velux products, allowing us to provide a speedy and reliable service for our customers in Twickenham and surrounding areas of West London.

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