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Velux Windows in Ealing | Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

As detailed in our Velux Windows in Twickenham blog post, Velux is the industry-leading brand for skylights/rooflights, roof windows and other similar products. If you’re one of our clients in Ealing and you’re looking to add these types of windows as part of a converted loft, housing extension or other home construction project, you’re probably already aware that this is the chosen brand we use for this type of work. 

Given their popularity, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the answers to some common questions that our West London customers tend to ask regarding Velux windows. We will focus primarily on skylights, although some questions may apply to other types of windows.

What’s the Difference Between Skylights, Rooflights and Roof Windows?

Broadly speaking, skylights, rooflights and roof windows serve the same primary purpose – to get more natural light into your Ealing property. The differences between them are marginal, which is why the terms are often used interchangeably. 

The main differences come in the size and the way they’re installed. As a form of definition, according to British Standards, roof windows need to be installed in the same orientation and ‘in plane’ as the roof that surrounds them. They can be openable or fixed. Meanwhile, a rooflight is usually fitted on a flat roof with a kerb system to allow water to run off or fitted ‘out of plane’ with the tiling on a pitched roof. Skylights are typically used on traditional pitched roofs and can be larger than a singular unit of glass, sometimes combining a series of rooflights or roof windows side-by-side.

What Types of Rooflights/Skylights Are Available?

Velux windows and skylights come in various forms and can be custom-made for your roof. Some common forms of skylights include the following:

If you want to learn more about a particular type, call us on 07759 906265.

Where Should I Install a Skylight?

Positioning any rooflight, skylight or roof window is an important decision in determining the effect it has on your Ealing home. There will be different brightness concentrations at different times of day depending on the direction your house and room are facing. Think about where the light comes in from and what time of day you would like the most daylight in that room. You can work with a Lumiere Lofts specialist to figure out exactly where your window should go, but having this in mind will help set the tone for your final choice of positioning.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

For the most part, no. Velux windows or any other form of skylight don’t typically need planning permission. That said, no new window should protrude more than 150mm above the existing roof plane and mustn’t be higher than the highest section of the roof or above the roof ridge. Exceptions exist for listed buildings and conservation areas, so it’s useful to check with your local authority when planning your new window and seek assistance from professionals like us.

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