The Benefits of Property Extensions | Carried Out By a Professional Builder in Twickenham

At Lumiere Lofts, our builders undertake a range of property extensions, from a loft conversion to standard side-return and rear-facing builds. Not only will you have the additional space you need, but your property value will increase, especially with carefully planned additions like Velux windows or a well-designed property refurbishment.

If you have been weighing up the benefits of relocating for more space, we want you to imagine that additional room, but in your current Twickenham property. Is it a children’s playroom? The en-suite master bedroom you’ve always dreamt of? A modern open-plan kitchen? Whatever it is, all of these things are possible in your current home with house extensions by Lumiere Lofts. With the stressful and costly nature of moving, extending has never been a better idea.  

Below we will explore the benefits of extending a property:

Guest Rooms

Adding a guest room will provide extra space to accommodate friends and family and increase the value of your property. With a double-storey or wraparound extension, we could help you design an entire guest house, fit with an en-suite bedroom and an open-plan kitchen area for guests to enjoy a private space during long visits or busy holiday periods.

Better Storage

As your household expands you will naturally accumulate more possessions, which can lead to a cluttered and unsightly living environment. A side-return extension is ideal if you would like a utility room that can be used to store appliances and household items. This is usually joined to the kitchen for ease of access and will be fitted with the required electrics and plumbing for your household appliances.

We also carry out loft conversion and property refurbishment projects to maximise storage and living space, and our builders install Velux windows to enhance visual appeal.

Any of our domestic customers in Twickenham will benefit from expanding their homes because well-constructed property extensions make living environments more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

Personal Touches

One of the best advantages to extending your home, besides the extra space, is the scope for personalisation in the new part of your property. Throughout the design and planning phases you can choose interior décor and other elements to reflect your personal tastes. And with our professional architectural support and trade experience, the final result will have a quality finish of the highest standard.

A Reputable Team

When purchasing a new property you won’t often be able to select the building team, let alone have regular contact with them. But when you decide to extend your current home, you will choose which team of builders carries out the works. Hiring time-served professionals like the Lumiere Lofts team is a great way to guarantee satisfactory results that are safe, durable and meet your needs.

There are many benefits to property extensions for domestic customers across Twickenham. Whether you are looking to expand or need a loft conversion, property refurbishment or the installation of Velux windows, a builder from our team will always be happy to discuss further with potential clients.

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