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Property Refurbishment in Twickenham | Benefits of Property Refurbishments

Having accumulated numerous years of experience working in the construction industry, Lumiere Lofts has become a trusted building contractor in Twickenham and throughout West London. Whether you’re looking for property extensions, loft conversions, Velux window fittings or any of our other home improvement services, our domestic builders always relish a challenge. 

One of our main specialities is property refurbishment work. These projects can vary massively depending on the individual needs of the customer. Some examples of property upgrades we do for our clients include:

In this blog post, we would like to highlight a few of the benefits associated with home refurbishment projects to give you an insight into how they can improve your Twickenham property.

Use Property Upgrades to Maximise Property Value

Like many of the home improvements we offer to our clients in West London, property refurbishment is an excellent way to increase your property’s value. This can be especially useful for any customers who are looking to put their house up for sale on the market, as a newly refurbished house is an attractive proposition for a potential new buyer. The less updating and DIY the new owner has to do when they move in, the less hassle for them, meaning that the selling party can demand a higher price for the house thanks to the work they’ve invested in.

Home Refurbishments for Healthy and Happy Living 

A big motivating factor for a homeowner to invest in refurbishment work is more on the practical side. A home refurbishment can help bring your property up to current building codes and construction standards, which can help prevent bigger problems further down the line. This can be particularly useful for customers who live in period properties that have experienced their fair share of wear and tear over the years, or in some cases, they may need harmful chemicals and materials removed, such as asbestos and lead paint. Healthy and safety are crucial in all aspects of home living, so this is a very responsible reason to get your home refurbished.

Customise Your Home to Your Image 

A property refurbishment is a fantastic opportunity to personalise your Twickenham property. If you’ve spent years living in rented accommodation, becoming a homeowner is your chance to create the perfect place that’s tailored to your lifestyle, personal needs and preferences. This can increase your comfort and enjoyment of your property, especially if you intend to live there for many years to come. As a professional building contractor, we find it to be incredibly rewarding when we finish work on a refurbishment job and get to see how satisfied our customers are with the finished product and how they have a newfound love for where they live.

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