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Property Extensions in Twickenham | Ideas for Your Next Rear-Facing Extension Project

Of all the building services Lumiere Lofts as a professional construction company in the Twickenham area, property extensions have proved to be one of the most popular options with our domestic customers. The reason for their popularity is the variety that home extensions offer. Similar to our loft conversion projects.

Some of the most commonly requested types of house extensions include:

Given that many properties in the UK tend to have ample garden space at the back of the house, rear-facing extensions are especially sought after. To help you when considering your own extension project, here’s a selection of ideas specifically for rear-facing extensions.

Terraced House Extensions

In certain parts of Twickenham and across the UK, terraced housing can be a reasonably affordable option when looking to purchase a property as first-time buyer. However, their narrow design with neighbours close-by can feel claustrophobic to some and unsuitable to modern living. Property extensions into the garden space at the back can be quite tempting, especially if you live close to a green space or park nearby. Reclaim more interior space with an extension beyond the confines of the terrace. Have a new kitchen or living room fitted, perhaps with install Velux windows and glass doors to allow more light to enter your home.

Home Extensions for Red Brick Houses

Homes with red brick have a striking look that can really stand out from the surrounding houses. To complement the intense colour of the brickwork, you could go for a timber cladding option that matches the rest of the house. No matter what you choose to use your newly acquired interior space for, having an extension that accentuates the main building materials of the house can make for an excellent combination. You could also choose to use the same materials as the main house if you want to continue the continuity between the property and its new extension.

Double Up Your Property Extension

If you’re planning on extending the ground floor, why not do the first floor as well? Rear-facing property extensions can also include an additional storey of the house and could prove to be a great value-for-money option if you’re looking for additional space. Typically, adding another storey to your property extension will be an additional 50% of the cost of the ground floor and could get you more use out of your Twickenham property. Instead of having just a new living room or kitchen downstairs, you could also have a new bathroom or spare bedroom, ideal for large families or accommodating for visitors to your home.

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