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Property Extensions in Ealing | Storage Ideas for Your New Home Office

If you’re a homeowner based in Ealing, you can count on Lumiere Lofts for all your property improvement needs. We always relish the chance to convert lofts and refurbish properties in the local area as well as one of our most popular services - property extensions. With our many years of experience in the construction industry, we’re adept at various forms of extension projects. These include:

Beyond the type of extension, there are also many uses for your newly acquired space. Home offices have become increasingly in demand in recent years, whether as part of rear-facing extensions, side-return house extensions or wraparound home extensions. Given this rise in popularity, we would like to share some ideas on home office storage use. If you’re considering an extension project for this purpose, hopefully this will assist you with your preparations.

Consider Access and Availability

Storage is an essential part of the process when planning out a new home office. One of the benefits of property extensions is to create dedicated spaces that enhance the usability of your Ealing home. However, cluttered and disorganised storage can detract from this and affect your productivity. 

When planning out this space, consider what you regularly use in your day-to-day work and ensure this is within arm’s reach while you’re at your desk. Whatever items these may be, prioritise creating storage that keeps them safe yet readily available and then store other items within the office space in an organised system. You may wish to categorise your possessions in a certain manner to simplify your office. Some suggested categories include:

Office Storage as Decor

Once you’ve prioritised what you need in your office and worked out how you may categorise your belongings, you will want to think about the exact storage method you wish to use. As a suggestion, one attractive option that Ealing residents consider is the use of shelving. This keeps your items organised and available for access while also making the room look presentable. You can make a feature of certain items in the room and make your home office a visually appealing space to work in.

Create a Storage Wall

Similar to shelving is the option of installing a storage wall. For home offices in small property extensions, this can be an efficient use of space which keeps your items organised and your desk free of clutter. You can use cabinets to compartmentalise your belongings and use the space saved to have your desk as a central feature of the room. You could even use a combination of shelving and cabinets to have some items on display and some hidden away as you see fit. Just like many of our extension projects, home offices hold infinite design possibilities to suit your individual preferences. 

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