Loft Conversions

Loft Conversion in Twickenham, Ealing and the Surrounding Areas

If you need more space but don’t want to relocate or can’t accommodate property extensions in your garden areas, then the perfect option is a loft conversion. We design and construct a range of styles for domestic properties in Twickenham, Ealing and the surrounding areas. Our builders also undertake property refurbishment services, bringing the other rooms up to standard to compliment your brand-new conversion.

At Lumiere Lofts we specialise solely in loft conversions to ensure we provide the best customer experience and deliver valuable results.

If you would like to see what previous clients have to say about our services, please read our testimonials.

Our conversion services include:

  • Electrical Work

  • Planning Permission Application

  • Architectural and Design Support

  • Plumbing and Heating

  • Staircases

  • Velux Window Installations

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    Types of Loft Conversions


    These conversions consist of a single box-shaped structure which is fitted into the pitch of the roof, forming vertical walls that sit at a 90o angle. Dormer conversions increase not only the head height but also the floor space, making them a great choice should you wish to create a quiet office space, private master bedroom or children’s playroom.

    A dormer conversion falls under permitted development and is suitable for most property types.


    This is the simplest type of loft conversion as it does not involve altering the roofline. As long as there is 2.3 metres of vertical space between the loft floor and the current ridge this is the quickest, most cost-effective way to transform your attic space, using new Velux windows to create a liveable room with lots of natural light to open up the space.

    Most of the time, a Velux loft conversion will not require planning permission. They fall under the Certificate of Lawfulness which means you will not have to wait for an application to be approved.


    If your home in Twickenham, Ealing or the surrounding areas is lacking in space but has a hipped roof, our builders can extend the hip to create a new gable and drastically increase head height in your loft. This is perfect if you want to install an en-suite bedroom with modern bathroom facilities, or to install a staircase for easy access.

    Most hip-to-gable conversions will not require planning permission.


    This type of conversion is one of the best ways to increase space and add value to your property. Whether you need to accommodate a growing family, create a home office, or want to invest in this transformation for when you sell up, L-shaped loft conversions are ideal. They are built by connecting two rear dormers to produce a voluminous and comfortable space.

    Great design and layout arrangements will help flood the new loft with natural light.

    These conversions are suitable for most Edwardian and Victorian houses. The size of the property will determine the size of the L-shaped loft conversion.

    As for planning permission, this type of conversion falls under permitted development. It is not suitable for all types of homes. We can add a small terrace on the end of the converted structure.


    The Mansard loft has a roof design and is characterised by a slope of 72o with dormer windows which come out of it. This style of architecture provides lots of usable loft space and offer a fresh canvas for extraordinary design where your imagination is the limit.

    With mansard loft conversions, luminosity is the prominent feature. The front windows combine with the rear dormer windows to invoke the impression of being in the sky. We can also install French doors or a bifold window to have an immense effect on the lighting.

    Mansard conversions fall under permitted development and are a suitable choice for most types of homes.

    Why Choose Us

    All of our loft conversion projects include Velux window options and other reputable brands upon client request.

    We use a range of equipment to get the job done efficiently with a quality finish. Our builders are fully trained and use everything, from power tools to hand tools.

    Our team carries out woodwork and will use plasterboard to line the walls for a smooth finish. We can also install insulation for a more energy efficient loft conversion.


    The Benefits of a Conversion

    A stylish, functional loft conversion by the Lumiere Lofts team will enhance your living experience, providing you with extra space for privacy, modern living and comfortability. The conversion will also add value to your property and attract more potential buyers, which is great should you decide to sell up.

    Many loft conversions won’t require planning permission, and since we are transforming an existing space, it will be quicker than building and extension.

    Here at Lumiere Lofts, our builders specialise in loft conversion, serving domestic customers in Twickenham, Ealing and the surrounding areas.

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