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Loft Conversions in Twickenham | Potential Ideas for Your New Loft Space

Homeowners in Twickenham and across West London are repurposing more of their houses with loft conversions courtesy of Lumiere Lofts. If living space is at a premium in your property or you would like to reinvent your house and truly make it your own, a loft conversion constructed by our professional builders can help you achieve that. Some popular types of conversions we do include:

If you are interested in having your loft converted, we’ve compiled some ideas that may influence your decision when deciding what’s right for your home.

Rooflights for Low Roofs

If you have a low roof on your Twickenham home, a converted loft room is likely to be quite small. To give the illusion of additional space and to get more light into your property, you can have a rooflight conversion installed. This can be a great choice, especially during the warmer months of the year with natural lighting effortlessly entering into your loft room.

Increase Your Head Space

If you would like more standing space for your new loft room, a dormer conversion could be ideal. This type of conversion falls within your permitted development rights, meaning that (in most cases) you don’t require planning permission to get it done. By having more head space, you can improve the functionality of the space, opening up new avenues for its use.

Create a New Master Bedroom

Secluded from the rest of the house, a new master bedroom could be an excellent use for a loft conversion. As long as you install some blinds to stop the morning sun from waking you up at the crack of dawn, using this space as a bedroom is ideal for properties of all sizes. You could even couple this with a mansard conversion and have a Juliet balcony installed for an added element of luxury.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Do you have children? Are you tired of always cleaning up after them and their toys around the house? If so, using your loft conversion in your Twickenham property as a specialised kids play area could be a solution to all your problems. You can keep all their toys stored away up in the loft and leave them to play in peace while keeping sociable areas like your living room, dining room or kitchen tidy for longer. A playroom like this would be ideal for a house party in which both children and adults can enjoy their time together without getting in each other’s way.

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