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Loft Conversions in Ealing | Conversions and Building Regulations – A Brief Overview

If you want to expand your living space and get more out of your Ealing home, a loft conversion could be perfect for you. Often underutilised, under-appreciated and relegated to being used purely for storage, a converted loft could be a great addition to your home as a well-lit room, offering excellent views of the surrounding area. Along with house extensions, property refurbishments and Velux window fittings, this is one of the main home improvement services that Lumiere Lofts offers and therefore is a particular passion of ours. A widely diverse service, loft conversions come in various forms. This includes:

With such variety, you’re bound to find a style that meets your vision and budget for the prospect.

However, before we can start transforming your loft, you will need to make sure you have architectural plans that comply with building regulations. Here’s a short guide of what you need to know when planning for your converted loft.

Ensuring Access to the Loft Space

Whether you’re choosing between a dormer conversion, mansard conversion or hip-to-gable conversion, you must think about how people will enter and exit the loft space. If a loft or attic is to be converted into a study, bathroom, bedroom or playroom, it’s required in building regulations that there is a permanent staircase to the new room. Although these stairs don’t need to be particularly wide, it’s important to factor them into your loft conversion plans and determine what space will be taken up by adding them.

Be Wary of Fire Regulations

In the early stages of planning, factoring in fire regulations for your loft conversion project is vital. This will be influential during this part of the process as you will need to ensure that the building materials you choose for the project comply with fire resistance standards. You’ll also need to consider the placement of any smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. If you live in a two-storey or higher property in Ealing, you will also need to ensure that all interior doors near your staircases are installed or replaced by fire doors. This is to guarantee a protected pathway down from the loft room that leads to a ground-floor fire exit. You may even need to make sure there’s a fire escape window depending on your property.

Insulation for Your Loft Room

In Part L of the building regulations, it’s insisted that any loft conversion must be equipped with a good standard of insulation. It’s also advised that this room is installed with soundproofing. Compared to other rooms in your Ealing property, loft spaces can experience a range of extreme temperatures, from soaring heat in the summer to serious chills in the winter. As a specialist builder, we’d recommend a rigid insulation option for the walls and ceilings of your loft and a fibre blanket between your floor joists. This insulation should be between 150-250mm thick to comply with building regulations for thermal, fire and sound insulation.

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