Ideas for a Property Refurbishment in Ealing | Including Loft Conversion Inspiration

If your property is looking a bit worn, but you’re not sure where to start, Lumiere Lofts is here to help. Our builders undertake property refurbishment for domestic customers in Ealing, replacing old materials with new ones, upgrading specific rooms, or bringing the entire property up-to-date with modern materials, styles and colour schemes.

Our kitchen and bathroom refurbishments account for both functionality and visual appeal, while a loft conversion is a great excuse to freshen up the property, installing new elements like Velux windows. We also offer property extensions if you need more space in your home.

You can contact us today to talk to an experienced builder from our team and discuss the most practical solutions for your property.

We also offer property extensions if you need more space in your home.

Refurbishing the Bathroom

If you want to transform your bathroom without structural work being carried out, consider retiling the space. Tiles come in a range of materials, textures and colours and are a simple but effective way of breathing new life into your bathroom without too much hassle.

With our design and planning services clients can incorporate a sense of personalisation in the space.

Typically bathrooms are small, functional spaces that are left at the bottom of most home improvement lists, but we can transform them into luxurious, tranquil spaces, fit for relaxing, with an enhanced layout and all of the fixtures and fittings needed for modern living.

Any type of property refurbishment is a great way of enhancing the cosmetic aspects of your home, while loft conversions or property extensions will do more to improve functionality. Lumiere Loft serves Ealing, and our builders will help clients design and plan projects that suit the needs of their homes.

Loft Conversion Ideas

When we complete a loft conversion, we leave clients with a new living space that has a modern, spacious finish. It is also the ideal time to refurbish the entire property so all rooms are up to standard, and Velux windows can be installed to create a relaxing, bright, airy interior that is great for your well-being and for aesthetic appeal. Some types of loft conversions we specialise in include:

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows create a first impression of your property before visitors even cross the threshold. Ensuring the entranceway is in top working and visual condition will create a welcoming atmosphere that indicates the property within is well-maintained. Windows contribute to kerb appeal and also direct an even amount of natural light and fresh air across a room.

Our refurbishment service also includes flooring. Fresh flooring is affordable and instantly transforms any room. We can install your choice of materials in light colours to open up smaller spaces, or in a trendy colour that ties together a new theme.

If you are seeking a builder for a property refurbishment or loft conversion, Lumiere Lofts is the preferred choice for domestic customers in Ealing, where we have also built a reputation for quality property extensions and Velux windows.

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