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Builder in Twickenham | Useful Tips for Working with Your Domestic Builder on Your Home Improvement Project

Based in South Kensington, Lumiere Lofts is a team of domestic builders that loyally provides a wide range of construction services for homeowners in Twickenham and other areas of West London. With our experience and skill cultivated over years of work within the industry, we’ve earned an excellent reputation for the following home improvement works:

Whatever project you choose to hire domestic builders for, we would like to share some tips you can use to help get truly satisfying results from working with them. These may be especially useful to those of you who have just bought a property for the first time and are new to investing in home improvements.

Give Your Domestic Builder a Clear Plan

Before any work can begin, it’s important to establish exactly what home improvements you would like done to your Twickenham property. If you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, your local builder can give you an accurate quote and schedule of work for the job that can help get your working relationship off to the best possible start. If you’re unsure about this, experienced builders such as our team at Lumiere Lofts can help with the planning and design phase to get things started. While as the customer you can ask for changes during the project's construction phase, having to redo work is not ideal for either the building contractor or you. Careful planning can help reduce the need for these kinds of changes.

Establish Contact Times with Your Building Contractor

During the construction process, it’s important to establish and maintain good communication between you and the builders working on your home. Neither you nor your domestic builder wants to waste time trying to get in touch with each other when either of you is busy or unavailable. With that in mind, it can be useful to discuss when is best for communication between the two parties and what method works best so that you can create a reliable channel that works for both of you. Of course, sometimes emergency contact may be needed, but having a clear idea of how and when you can communicate best with your builders will benefit you as the client.

Don’t DIY with Your Local Builder

For those who feel reasonably capable, it may be tempting to help speed up the project and reduce costs by doing your own DIY work. However, in most cases, this is likely to irritate and undermine the builders you’ve hired and could even slow down the work or result in increased costs for you and the construction company. Remember, you’ve brought in a professional builder for a reason. Let them get on with the work you’ve asked them to do and they’ll do what they can to produce their best results for you. If you want to do any DIY on your Twickenham property, you can leave that for after your builders have finished working on the property.

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